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In the periods of lack of specialists we undertake part of your problems.

We deliver you from the necessity of solving the question of technical staff recruitment, particularly, for short term projects

We efficiently solve the problems set by you

We release you from solving the administrative questions of crew management on the projects delivered to us.

You work with the solidary team of specialists having successfully completed a great number of projects

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Engineering, mounting and maintenanceBurglar and fire alarm systems

Peripheral devices of fire alarm

Peripheral are all the fire devices having independent embodiment and being connected with the alarm control panel by outer flow lines:

• Control board Ц applied for fire alarm devices management from the objectТs local point;
• Module of short circuit isolation Ц used in circular stubs of fire alarm for securing of their workability in the case of short circuit;
• Module of not-addressed line connecting Ц for control of the not-addressed announcers of fire alarm;
• Relay module Ц for enlarging the announcing function and control panel management;
• Input/output module Ц for control and management of external devices (e.g., auto plant of fire-fighting and smoke removal, technological, electrotechnical and another engineering equipment);
• Sound announcer Ц for fire or alarm announcing in the required object point with the help of sound alarm;
• Light announcer Ц for fire or alarm announcing in the required object point with the help of light alarm;
• Messages printer Ц for printing alarm and service messages.

Integration of fire alarm with combined building security system

While installing at the big objects, fire alarm is integrated with other security systems of the object. That is necessary for quick response to fire or alarm messages coming from fire alarm detectors and for securing the most favorable conditions for liquidation of the originated emergency conditions. For instance, in response to message about fire the following actions are made in the alarm zone:

• Switching off ventilation;
• Switching on the smoke removal system;
• Switching off power supply (excluding special equipment);
• Withdrawal of lifts from the alarm zone;
• Switching on emergency lighting and light indication of the ways and exits for people evacuation;
• Emergency exits release on the evacuation way;
• Switching on the announcing system with alarm zone information.

Thus, fire alarm becomes the part of the general security system, at that, problems of interaction of all the subsystems are solved.

In the last case one of the most important fire alarm requirements is availability of its integration in the general security system.

Feed of burglar-fire alarm devices

All the devices of fire alarm must be supplied with uninterrupted power supply. As the principal one, as a rule, the network supply of fire alarm control panels is used, other devices are fed from low-voltage secondary constant-current source or from fire alarm tail. According to the fire safety regulations, fire alarm must function uninterruptedly in the case of network power supply disappearing at the object during 24 hours in the guard mode and not less than 3 hours in the alarm mode. For this requirement fulfillment fire alarm must use the system of reserve power supply Ц additional sources or built-in accumulator battery.

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