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Why US:

In the periods of lack of specialists we undertake part of your problems.

We deliver you from the necessity of solving the question of technical staff recruitment, particularly, for short term projects

We efficiently solve the problems set by you

We release you from solving the administrative questions of crew management on the projects delivered to us.

You work with the solidary team of specialists having successfully completed a great number of projects

We can as needed flow into the existing processes and rules of your company to the maximum

We always aim at optimum coefficient price/quality

Engineering, mounting and maintenanceRadio-electronic security systems

Radio system of burglar-fire and addressed-analog fire alarm called “Streletz” can be used for protection of practically any object being a reliable alternative of traditional wire alarm systems. Somehow, there is a number of objects for which protection “Streletz” system gives unique advantages unattainable for wire systems.

Palaces, museums, temples

For the objects having considerable historic value, interiors integrity saving is number one aim, hence radio systems use is often the only possible way. “Streletz” radio system facility can be mounted with minimum interiors violation.

Hotels, shopping centers, conference halls

Reconstruction works of the objects which exploiting stop could cause significant financial wastes, are only available to hold in a limited period. Any “Streletz” system peripheral device mounting does not exceed several minutes and can be held while continuously exploiting the room.

Rooms under reconstruction, temporary exhibitions

Experience of traditional wire systems utilization shows the complexity of their use on the temporary objects. We offer radio system that can easily be transformed together with the room being reconstructed or temporary exhibition and after completing – can be replaced to the new object.

Working tactics:
”Streletz” radio system consists of totality of protection-fire radio stretchers (up to 16 items), each of them available to control up to 3 daughter radio stretchers. Maximum quantity of relaying sections between radio stretchers - 6
Radio stretcher situated on the top of the tree is the coordinator of the whole radio network. In the case of absence of daughter radio stretchers, the radio stretcher functions independently being receiving-verifier device of burglar and fire alarm.

Each stretcher controls and manages:
-32 radio stretchers;
-16burglar-fire divisions/fire zones;;
-executing device

Divisions/zones state is being managed as locally, as by the stretcher – coordinator of the radio network (wire and wireless control panel, control radio trinkets).

While passing control signals, exchange participants use unique secret keys for excluding the opportunity of radio device substitution and unapproved system management.

• Two-sided exchange protocol Argus-Dialog (between all the devices);
• 7 radio channels (with manual and auto selection);
• Automatical pass to reserve radio channel free of noise;
• Control period being programmed during system installation from 1,5 to 15 minutes;
• Period of control signals passing being programmed during system installation from 12 seconds to 2 minutes;
• Cryptographic protection of signals with mechanism of of two-sided RCX dynamic authentication;
• Microcell system topology with range of 600 m within the microcell, 1000 m between microcells, 6000 m – 6 relaying sections;
• System capacity: 16 radio stretchers, 768 peripheral radio devices;
• Working period of radio announcer with main battery – up to 7.5 years, reserve battery – 2 months
• Working temperatures range: from -30 to +50 C
• Fitted air scanner with graphic interface

Applying of “Strelets” new generation radio system permits to organize professional burglar-fire alarm not only at traditional objects for radio systems, such as “palace”, “museum”. “elite accomodation” (quantity of announcers < 100) but also at big objects earlier unattainable such as “hypermarket“, “”hotel”, “building being reconstructed” (announcers quantity > 100). It is important to mention that while equipping big objects “Streletz” radio system successfully competes with wire systems.

Main benefits of radio systems:

- How reliable is radio channel communication comparing to wire connection?
- With other equal conditions, system using wire connection is more attackable. Cable on all its length is influenced by external actions. It can burn out sooner than fire alarm system would fix the burning fact. Laid within the wall, it can be broken by ordinary drill. Negligent wiring in the distributing ducts can bring to appearing of low-quality contacts, and water penetration – to oxidation.
Radio channel on the contrary is influenced only by dotted effects – narrow-band noise. Somehow radio systems of the previous generation (with one-sided protocol of radio devices exchange) were not and are not able to fight with these influences. Rapid development of wireless technologies all over the world, permitting to create radio systems of the new generation with two-sided exchange protocol, changed the situation. The opportunity appeared to use earlier unattainable algorithms, such as:
• Auto select of the reserve channels;
• Change of the going on the air period;
• Change of the emission power;
This and other algorithms are applicable in “Sreletz” radio system that possesses immunity for noise ensuring “not being burnt” and “not being gnawed” connection of the system devices.

- Are the radio channels systems resistant to professional “break-in”?
- Taking into consideration the length of the code being used for cryptographic closing of information in “Streletz” radio system as well as the periodicity of the radio devices going on the air, for substitution of signal from just one announcer, the violator will need to make continuous analysis of the air during 3 years. It is evident that committing sabotage with such “efforts” becomes practically senseless.
- It is known that stable work of the radio channels devices is difficult to provide in the wide range of temperatures because of instability of frequency-preset elements and loss of work of chemical current sources (batteries). What are the ways that allowed “Streletz” radio system to function in the wide range of temperatures from -30 to +55 ?C?
- For compensation of frequency-preset elements’ instability the algorithm of digital address automatical frequency adjustment is used that ensures its work in the range from -30 to +55 ?C . In all the radio devices lithium power elements are used which operation temperature range is from -40 to +85 ?C. Won’t two “Streletz” radio channel systems situated nearby “disturb” each other?
- Great number of СТРЕЛЕЦ® radio channel systems can work at one object due to the following peculiarities:
• 10 radio frequency channels;
• 2 frequency ranges (433 и 868 МHz);
• Аргус-Диалог® protocol, providing the work of up to 800 devices on one raio frequency channel;
• microcell structure and auto adjustment of ability: devices working on one and the same radio frequency channel don’t “disturb” each other; Thus, 800?100 = 8000 radio channel devices may work on one object;

- How often change of batteries being used in “Streletz” radio system is necessary?
- Functioning period of all the radio devices of “Streletz” system with one set of batteries is not less than 5 years that is longer than the average period of room redecorations. Furthermore, all the radio devices are supplied with reserve battery with working period not less than 2 months tha allows the exploiting company to change the main battery block in time.

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