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Why US:

In the periods of lack of specialists we undertake part of your problems.

We deliver you from the necessity of solving the question of technical staff recruitment, particularly, for short term projects

We efficiently solve the problems set by you

We release you from solving the administrative questions of crew management on the projects delivered to us.

You work with the solidary team of specialists having successfully completed a great number of projects

We can as needed flow into the existing processes and rules of your company to the maximum

We always aim at optimum coefficient price/quality

Software development and supportComputerized system of measurement assurance

The system is end-to-end program solution for automation of metrological services operation on enterprises of different scale. Program complex consists of all the necessary program modules for metrologist. The system profitably differs with its simplicity, universality, clearness and very reasonable price that varies depending on the size of instrumentation base.

Program complex totally automatizes metrological accounting and control of instrumentation, service of instrumentation base accounting, preparing and running of documentation connected with it (lists, plans, diagrams, journals, annul reports).

Documents circulation automation of metrological service is founded on the program generator of operations which generates subsequent operation plans according to the history of fulfilled operations kept in database and supports automatic running and updating of all the documents controlling instrumentation. Metrologist should only mark fulfilled operations, computerized system of measurement assurance does the rest of work ensuring permanent availability in the last release 100% electric diagrams of verification, calibration, performance check, certification of total enterprise branches.

The program allows to reflect the necessary list of instrumentation at any moment, to control their state and upholding of verification period. Metrologist has always on hand current operations plan, is able to look through operations journal on the chosen period for any division, automatically count the sum necessary for realizing operations plan of metrological control and ensuring traceability.

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