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In the periods of lack of specialists we undertake part of your problems.

We deliver you from the necessity of solving the question of technical staff recruitment, particularly, for short term projects

We efficiently solve the problems set by you

We release you from solving the administrative questions of crew management on the projects delivered to us.

You work with the solidary team of specialists having successfully completed a great number of projects

We can as needed flow into the existing processes and rules of your company to the maximum

We always aim at optimum coefficient price/quality

System integration and automationVirtualization solutions

VMware ESX Server - this is the base of dynamic, self-optimizing system. ESX Server spreads processor, memory, storage devices resources and network resources between several virtual machines ensuring the high utilization of the hardware. Checked in the working environment of thousands companies of different scale, ESX Server provides the high level of productivity, scalability and flexibility.

Virtualization benefits

Х ESX Server is installed on the УbareФ hardware and gives the opportunity of processing systems and applications functioning inside the independent virtual machines that use together the hardware resources of the physical server.
Х Each virtual machine represents the completed system with its own processors, memory, discs, network devices and BIOS.
Х Enlarged policies of resources giving to the virtual machines allow to guarantee allocation of resources to the software applications that need them.
Х Servers consolidation and containment of server park increasing for productive system by putting program applications in less amount if physical servers
Х Business continuity and high availability of important applications ensuring with less outlays
Х Simplification of applications making and testing by unification of development spheres, testing, demonstration, possibly with different operating systems, in one physical server.
Х Transferring of old applications to virtual machines, working on new hardware facilities, for reliability increasing.

Platform for the modern servers, data storages and networks virtualization

A high level of service of applications using resources intensively is secured, at the expense of dynamic resources management , high availability and reliability securing.

Х Virtualization of any environments, from the corporate data center to branch, at that compatibility with more than 200 servers data storages is supported. Functioning of original operating systems Windows, Linux, Solaris и NetWare on virtual machines.
Х High productivity of combined data storages is achieved by VMware VMFS.
Х Opportunity to start applications intensively using resources inside the virtual machines with high limits of processor, memory, storage devices resources utilization. One virtual machine can use up to 4 physical processors owing to VMware Virtual SMP technology.
Х Optimization of resources picked out for virtual machines by specifying minimum, maximum and proportional resource sharing for processor, memory, disc and for width of network devices pass band.
Х High availability of data center class is achieved by using general data storages, SAN, multipathing and Microsoft Clustering Services support.
Х IT-infrastructure security is controlled with the help of LUN zoning and LUN masking technologies, filtering marking of network traffic (VLAN tagging) and securing of Ethernet-level protection.

VMware ESX Server is included into all the versions of VMware Infrastructure.


Bare-metal architecture. Virtual distributed infrastructure is realized by putting the virtual machinesТ files into general storages, such as Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN.

Processors virtualization. High processors resources utilization is achieved, at that, applications exacting to resources are not lacking of them. ESX Server keeps opportunity of intellectual planning and distributing of load among the processors available for securing of the virtual machines functioning.

Data storages virtualization. General data storages of high productivity are used for securing of centralized keeping of virtual machinesТ files, due to this higher controllability, flexibility and availability is achieved.

Х Virtual disc files. Adding or deleting of ESX Server from VMFS volume without stop or switching-out of other ESX Server occurrences.
Х VMFS Ц cluster file system. High productive shared centralized storage for virtual machines files secures high controllability, flexibility and availability.
Х Manager of logical volumes. Interaction management among physical massive of data storage and VMFS volumes ensures flexibility and reliability.
Х Raw device mapping. It is possible to assign SAN LUN for virtual machine, to organize cluster for application and to use technology of snapshots, enjoying all the advantages given by VMFS.
Х Combining of Fibre Channel HBA. Partitioning of expensive network storages components among multiple virtual machines secures high hardware fail-safety.
Х Write-through of input/output. In the case of serverТs failure accurate recovery of virtual machines is ensured. Write-through makes it possible to recover virtual machines as well as recovery of physical system, working with the same operative system.
Х SAN loading. Opportunity of ESX Server installation on the diskless configuration is ensured. Loading of ESX Server occurs from SAN. At that file backup and after-failure recovery is simplified due to lack of necessity to copy separately or to recover local server discs.

Network virtualization. Adjustment of virtual machines network is similar to physical machines network tuning. Opportunity to build a complex network infrastructure as with concern of virtual machines of one ESX Server as with virtual machines of multiple installations of ESX Server for commercial operation or for systems of applications development and testing.

Х Virtual network adapters. Virtual machine has one or more network adapters. Each of these network interfaces can have its own IP-address and even MAC-address. Thus, virtual machines donТt differ from physical machines from the networkТs viewpoint.
Х Virtual commutators. An artificial network with virtual commutators connected with virtual machines is created inside the ESX Server.
Х Enlarged policies of virtual commutators ports configuration. The whole group of virtual commutator ports is configured that simplifies network configuration. There adjustments: NIC teaming, VLAN tagging, Layer 2 security, traffic shaping.
Х VLAN. Logic LAN is created upon physical LAN. Thus network traffic is isolated for safety securing and loading distribution. VLAN ESX Server is compatible with standard realization of VLAN technology by other producer. Network configuration occurs without changing of cabling diagram and commutating. Due to VLAN technology distributed traffic is regulated, Network loading with packets is decreased, they are passing through other commutators and in other network segments.

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