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Why US:

In the periods of lack of specialists we undertake part of your problems.

We deliver you from the necessity of solving the question of technical staff recruitment, particularly, for short term projects

We efficiently solve the problems set by you

We release you from solving the administrative questions of crew management on the projects delivered to us.

You work with the solidary team of specialists having successfully completed a great number of projects

We can as needed flow into the existing processes and rules of your company to the maximum

We always aim at optimum coefficient price/quality


Our approach to websites development:

We offer the whole range of services in web-development: corporate identity design, style, logotype creating, search optimization and website support.

From simple tasks of websites making on html, php, css base to the complicated ones, such as vrml worlds.

While developing a website we offer our customer a number of variants according to his requests on design, style, color preference. After that, according to remarks, complete the favourite one. Thanks to a command of specialists, as well as our style of work, we get fine, original and thought solutions.

Variants and cost of web-projects forwarding

Typical solution to website creating:

Operation title:Approximate cost in (variative according to complexity)
Website outline, design and navigation system development: Creating og the main idea and basic design using given logotypes and other text and graphic materials. 7000,00 – 10000,00 rub.
Matching design model to appearance demands 4000,00 - 5000,00 rub.
Flash development.5000,00 - 7000,00 rub.
Nesting of main and internal pages of website: - picture «cutting», repeating on all pages graphics optimization - objects assembling; - HTML-patterns makeup:
  • а) title page pattern makeup;
  • б) key pages pattern makeup.
  • 4000,00 - 6000,00 rub.
    CMS installation:
    Installation and adjustment of CMS system.
    15000,00 – 25000,00 rub.
    Software part of the project development:
    Website creating according to the requirements including management system installation.
    4000,00 – 6000,00 rub.
    Nesting and content filling in:
    Php, shtml or html format pages creating. Graphics processing in partitions.
    4000,00 – 6000,00 rub.
    Testing of workability of interactive services of the website (according to the receiving-passing checkout program).
    1000,00 – 1500,00 rub.

    Our developments in 2008:
    Travel agency "Inflottravel"

    Our specialists’ developments:
    Teaching community “New children”Travel agency “Eurotour”
    Company “Thunder” Trading network “Iscrasoft”
    Scientific research institute of transmission of electrical energy by the direct current of high voltage Group of companies “Okdayl”
    Company “Rosis” Company “Setcom”
    Company “Adviser-N”

    The licence software Microsoft

    Estimate advantages of servers Hewlett-Packard

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